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We are living in dark days and times are getting darker. At time we run around like a chicken with his head cut off not knowing what to do.

What we tend to forget when we are in this “Headless Chicken Mode” is that God is at work, God has a plan and God is in charge.

God’s sovereignty is the same today and is no different from any other day. In fact it has not changed in any other time. He has and will always be on His Throne and He is in charge of everything.

However, in the midst of what seems like chaotic times (and couple that with our complicated lives), we often forget this simple truth: God is sovereign.

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This is week is part 2 -- "Keys to Spiritual Survival - Living in God's Grace"
Last week I stared this series with an article titled “Keys to Spiritual Survival – The Third Party Rule.”
As we look out on the world we live in we clearly see a demise of our culture. In fact this demise is taking place in many parts of the world.
Because our nation is utterly wicked, the righteous are suffering with the heathen.
Hardly anyone cares about God anymore.
How do we protect ourselves? How do we find solace in this horrible storm that we are beginning to enter?
Now more than ever we need to learn to live in God’s Grace.
You can follow along with our study with the following files...

Living In God's Grace Article

Living in God's Grace Article
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We live in an age like no other. All over the world there are wars taking place, economies getting worse and some even failing. We work our fingers to the bone and have little to show for it. Some of us can't work because we don't even have a job. Homes are being foreclosed on. Food prices as well as other needed commodities are going up, up, up to many bills and not enough pay check.
How do we deal with living a right life for the Lord when all the world is going to hell?
If you would like to follow along using our WORKSHEET, you can download it here.
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