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I was recently on True News and  I have gotten a LOT of email from this show. So I thought that I would share it with you so that you can listen to it here on PZ Radio.

Here is the True News Intro... On today’s special program, Pastor Chris Steinle hosts a round-table discussion with three individuals who have been led by the Lord to leave the United States. Ray Gano, executive director of Prophezine, John Price, author of ”The End of America,” and Stephen in Panama, share their motivations for leaving America and trials they experienced along the way




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In this show we are doing something a little different, we have returning guest JR & Tonya who are now moving here to Costa Rica. I know that I am a cheerleader for expat life so folks may not want to take my word for my view. But here is JR who is a retired police officer and we talk about they chose to relocate. In the first part we talk about the DC shooting and other things going on in the US and then spend the rest of the time talking about why they moved down, expat life, the doors God opened, and steps they took. If you are interested in becoming an expat, then this is the show that you need to listen too.

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I wanted to share with you our first session of the Prophezine Bible Study - "The Keys To Spiritual Survival." This is a study that we have been conducting over the internet now for about 8 weeks. I have a full study going up with articles, worksheets and also the audio sessions from the study. Each of these audio sessions will be about an hour long and  I am posting them to the Prophezine website as they get edited.

Also, if you wish to follow along, a link to the worksheet is below. Enjoy this and look for the rest of the bible study on the Prophezine website.


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This is an interesting as well as eye opening show. With everything going on in the world, I wanted to talk a little bit about preparedness. I invited my good friend Lisa Bedford AKA The Survival Mom on the show and we talk about why Christians should prepare for hard times. We also have Paul Washer giving a pretty dark warning to the US Church warning that persecution is coming to America. We also have Barbara Henderson talking about how we should face problems. This and more on PZ Radio.

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In this show Ray Gano interviews William Struse, the author of "The 13th Enumeration." Folks, if you are looking for a rollar coaster ride of a book that you can not put down, this is the book for you. I was excited to be able to get William on and what was suppose to be a 15 minute interview, turned into 50 minutes. Great time together and we talk a lot about Daniel 9.

You can check out his book here -- http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Radio-The-13th-Enumeration

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We are switching up PZ Radio days from Fridays to Wednesdays. I was recently on Phillip Armstrong's show and boy, I must have been on roll because I was preaching like crazy. Want to hear what Ray Gano thinks? Then this show is for you. Nope, no holds bared on this show, I tell it like it is and if the CINO's don't like it, to bad, they just need to listen anyways.

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Folks, this was a very surprising show. I started talking and 60 minutes later I had a show. What I had to say in this show will be VERY CONTROVERSIAL, but it had to be said and I am assuming that there is someone out there that God wanted this message preached to. I was really debating about not pushing this show out, but then I was convicted that maybe there is someone out there that this show is specifically for.

This is not your standard PZ Radio show and I am preaching some pretty hard words, but if this show is for you, you need to listen and heed the message.

If this show is NOT for you, then stop listening and wait for next week's show.

But I know there is someone out there that needs to hear what I have to say, with no punches pulled.

Are YOU the one this show is destined for?

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Ray talks about the new Prophezine bible study coming up and talks about Pal Talk.

I have another hard hitting sermon by Paul Washer. This sermon made me take a closer look at myself and examine my Christian walk. There are many folks out there that claim the title, but do not walk the walk. In Matthew 7:20 Christ says that " Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." If you are one of those who are sitting on the fence with your salvation, if you cant remember when you committed your life to the Lord, if you are claiming the title but still walking in the world, this sermon is for you.
This sermon is an hour and thirteen minutes long. I highly recommend that you download it and burn it to CD. There are many nuggets of information that one should hold on to. If you do not want to be convicted about your Christian walk, don't listen to this sermon.

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This is a special PZ Radio - we have PZ Insider JR visiting Ray in Costa Rica and discuss their point of view and what they see happening in America. We have a great seromon by Pastor Kevin titled "What Must America Do?" You think that Islam is not effecting America, think again.

Remember - You're Listening To PZ Radio - Radio For The Remnant.

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We have a great show today. Barbara Henderson asks "Are You A Fundamentalist? I also have Alister Beggs with a great sermon "Mortifying The Flesh & Building Hedges Against Sexual Sin."

This week I also produced PZ Radio's In Depth Series - Interview with John Price - Author of "The End of America" I give you a good 30 minute sneak peek into this three hour interview in this show.

Folks, I am offering the three hour interview, a 70+ Page Bible Study Guide and John's article "Flee" and all I am asking for is a $5.00 gift. If you feel led to donate $15, $20, $50 to help our efforts here it would be a huge blessing. PZ Radio is really making headway and remain in the top five shows on Godcast100.com.

Pay Pal a Gift More Than $5.00 + To Get The Show, Study Guide & Flee


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