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I am continuing my theme of "revival, recharge, and renew." We are facing times where we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

I want to share a great sermon by Paul Washer where he gives us some great teaching on how to stop being so busy and spend more time with the Lord.

Please make sure you visit the PZ Revival Zone at the Prophezine website and recharge your spiritual batteries today.

Remember, You're Listening To PZ Radio.

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In this show we unveil Prophezine's newest area, The PZ Revival Zone.

In today's world we as Christians and watchmen on the wall are getting hit hard being in battle.

As in real battle, one MUST HAVE a time to rest, relax and recharge. That also goes for spiritual battles.

If you have been feeling fatigued, out of sorts, drained, tired, sleepy, hard to put one foot in front of the other, melancholy, case of the blahs, etc, etc,etc.

If you suffer from a number of these symptoms and you feel your Christian walk is just not moving forward. Odds are that you need some spiritual revival time.

What I am talking about is sitting back and getting into some quiet fellowship with the Lord. Listening to the Word of God, hearing hymns that speak to the soul, reading devotions that build one up again, good solid sermons that help you reflect on your walk with Christ.

That is what you will find here at Prophezine Revival Zone.

We also have Pastor Evan New giving a grea sermon on Isaiah that is the perfect sermon to introduce The PZ Revival Zone. 

Sit back and Remember.. You're Listening To PZ Radio!

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I was special guest of Val  Valano of Freedomizer Radio and it was a great one hour interview. We spoke about what is going on in the US, the problems in the economy and primarly my views regarding the demise of the dollar. We also spoke about the coming food shorage and what people can do to be ready for all these things coming down the pipe.

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