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Hey folks, this was an incredible interview I had with Wilfred Hahn. This was also a LONG interview, so I am forgoing the intro and other things and jumping right into this interview. You want to know the direction this nation is going as well as the world? Wilfred states it pretty clear. We had a great time talking and this was REALLY informative. Download and burn this one to CD, you will want to listen to it multiple times because we talked about everything and we covered a lot of territory.
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I thought that I would share this outstanding sermon by Paul Washer titled "What is Christianity." This sermon was recorded at a revival conference taking place in Ireland 2009.
If you want to really shore up and clearly understand what it means to be a Christian, then you need to download this and listen to it multiple times. It is 92 minutes long and worth burning to CD so that you can listen to it in your car or on your MP3 player.
I love listening to Paul Washers' sermons, they cut to chase and get to the hard core truth. He presents scripture clearly and with conviction. Washer does not pull any punches and tells it like it is.
The Holy Spirit  really impressed upon me I felt it important to share this audio instead of our regular PZ Radio. If anyone out there claim the title Christian, this is a "check up from the neck up."
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It is snowing over most of this nation, many are without heat or electricity. Ray gets on his hobby horse and asks "how many are prepared to share the gospel and help their fellow man in this time of distress?"

We have Barbara Henderson asking "Can We Save The Planet?"

We have a real look into Washington politics with Washington Corespondent and former republican presidential candidate Bill Koenig of Watch.org. We talk about former administrations and what they have done to help Israel's enemies divide the land. We also discuss the repercussions the US has faced and will face by turning our backs in Israel. This was an outstanding and informative interview with Washington insider and corespondent Bill Koenig.

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