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Lots of things going on in Israel, Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinians would not accept Abu Dis, as the capital of their future state, but would insist on receiving control over east Jerusalem. AND get this... England proposes to give the Taliban $500M if they put their guns down and become peaceful.

We have Barbara Henderson asking "Are you old enough to know better?"

We have Don Perkins of According to Prophecy Ministry joining us in a really great and informative interview.

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Are you prepared to share the gospel? Could you share the gospel from God's Word? Sad to say, many can not. In this show Ray takes you step by step in how to share the plan of salvation with someone. But more importantly he talks about why now more than ever we need to have the knowledge.
We have Barbara Henderson asking Are You A Fundamentalist? 
We also have a great interview with Chuck Missler from the Dallas Pre-Trib Conference, Ray and Chuck talk about what is going on globally as well as here in the US.
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It is time for PZ Radio again and we have a great line up today. We discuss the earthquake in Haiti and what Pat Robertson said in the press. Is he being taken out of context or is he just "stepping in it again.  You judge for yourself, we have the audio clip here.
We have Barbara Henderson joining us as she talks about being " narrow minded."  
We also have a great interview with August Rosado from Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries. In this interview we get on our soapboxes and discuss God's Word, watered down versions, and living a holy life. If you are a "Sunday morning Christian" this interview will ruffle your feathers big time.  

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Welcome to a new year of PZ Radio. We have a great line up of interviews already in store for you this year. To start this new year off to a good start we are interviewing Gary Kah, author of En route to Global Occupation. Gary is a good friend of mine and I have known him coming up on 20 years now. His insight into the globalization of this nation as well as the world is outstanding. This interview will raise the hairs on the back of your neck with what is taking place today.
Ray Gano talks about the odd weather we are having as well as Joel Osteen blessing Houston's new lesbian mayor. We talk a bit about our new 52 week food storage program and what we see in coming down the pipe for this nation.
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