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On PZ Radio we jump right in with our interview with Karl Trautwein, author of The 9/11 Verses - Terrorist Teachings in the Koran. This was a very interesting show and for those of you who are interested in Islam and what the Koran teaches, then this is the interview for you.
“When you encounter the infidels (non-Muslims), strike off their heads and make a great slaughter among them.” ~ The Koran, Chapter 47: 4-9
In this interview we discuss...
  • Actual examples of how modern day terrorists use the Koran to justify what they do.
  • That the cause of Islamic terrorism is religious, not economic or political.
  • Why winning “the war on terror” is critical to preserving our freedom.
    We tried to keep this show under an hour long so that you could burn it to CD and share it with others. This show focuses on this important interview and will have our regular show with Barbara Henderson, Jimmy De Young and others next week.
    So please take the time to download and listen.. Remember, You're Listening To PZ Radio!


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    I am continuing to be encouraged by all the folks downloading PZ Radio and the Paul Washer sermons I have posted. Based on the the response, I see people are currently seeking solid teaching. So I am posting the first of a series titled Making A Case For The Bible taught by John MacArthur.
    NOW please pay attention to what I am about to say here....
    I am just posting the first sermon of this series on PZ Radio. If you want the entire series, please sign into the Prophezine website and go to the PZ MP3 FILES linked on the left hand side and that will take you to the PZ MP3 Library. We have some great teachings here by folks like Hal Lindsey, Zola Levitt, Paul Washer, ect.
    When you get to the library, scroll down and you will see the John MacArthur Series...
    John MacArthur's audio series on Making a Case for the Bible:

    - Assorted Attacks on the Bible
    - Why We Believe The Bible Is True
    - Why We Believe While Others Reject
    - The Bible Is God's Word
    - The Doctrine of Inspiration Explained
    So enjoy this first part of a five part series by John MacArthur and again if you want to listen to the entire series, you can download it from the Prophezine Website from the PZ Insider MP3 Library.
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    I was very pleased to see how many people downloaded the Paul Washer sermon - Are You On The Narrow Path" that we posted last week.
    Since so many have downloaded it, I feel led to provide a follow-up sermon titled "Examine Yourself."
    This is a very convicting sermon and one that I enjoy quite a bit. Like the Narrow Path sermon, I have listened to this one over and over again. There are many nuggets of great info in this teaching Paul Washer gave.
    I hope that you like this sermon as much as you enjoyed The Narrow Path.
    Remember ~ You're Listening To PZ Radio

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    This is one of the greatest sermons explaining salvation. Are you saved? Do you know if you are saved? OR... Are you one of those who claim the title and just giving lip service to the Lord.
    I felt the great need to post this sermon here on PZ Radio. I encourage all of you to please take the time to download this and truly listen to it. In fact listen to it several times. There are great nuggets of information.
    Remember You're Listening To PZ Radio

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