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VIDEO - Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy - 12-22-07

VIDEO - Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy - 12-22-07

Prophezine looks at This Week in Bible Prophecy December 22, 2007. Hamas is now broadcasting from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Mike Mickey of Rapture Alert reports on NASA discovering a possible new sun spot in light of Luke 21:25 and find out which government leader appears to be grown horns. This and more on Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy.

Mike Micky of Rapturealert.com

French, Italian, Spanish leaders back Mediterranean Union plan

This Week In Bible Prophecy

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VIDEO - Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy - 12-15-07

Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy 12-15-07

This is our first show of Prophezine looks at This Week In Bible Prophecy. In This show the Temple Institute recieves the new gold crown for the High Priest, The southern city of Sderot Israel is bombarded again with missiles, and Russia shows off her newest fighter jet the SU-30-MK. This and more on This Week In Bible Prophecy


The Temple Institute

This Week In Bible Prophecy

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Outstanding interview with Gary Kah of Hope for the World

Executive Director Ray Gano interviews Gary Kah of Hope for the World. This was an OUTSTANDING interview. Ray and Gary discuss, the NAU, the new currency, up coming elections, The Middle East, major insight into global events and more. It is easier to take 10 regions vs 200+ countries into a global government. Gary Kah is the foremost researcher regarding groups that are moving the world into a full One World Global Government. We have Barbara Henderson with PZ Newsbytes and special guest Jimmy DeYoung giving their insights into recent news. Ray discusses the Annapolis meeting taking place here soon as well as Olmert giving the thumbs up for the PA to receive 50 Russian tanks, as well as Olmert releasing 400+ PA prisoners. Sound like Olmert has provided the PA a fully manned tank division, all this and more. Remember, You're Listening To PZ Radio!
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Israel Equates WW III to the Gog Magog War     

In this show we have Jimmy DeYoung providing great commentary on Israel equating Bush's WW III statement to the Gog Magog war.

We also have Dr Gary Fisher give a great teaching on Israel, Iran and Terrorism today.

Executive Director Ray Gano makes a call to all the watchmen on the wall to stand fast, there is a job to do and we as watchmen are the last line of defense.

Excellent show and remember "You're Listening to PZ Radio!!
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13 Principals of Christian Stewardship – Wilfred Hahn

This is another PZ Radio Super Show. We have a one hour and twenty minute interview that was produced for the multimedia CD “Escape The End Time Money Snare.? In this Ray and Wilfred discuss the 13 principals of Christian Stewardship and how we can simplify our lives, living within our means and maintaining liquidity plus avoiding debt. If you did not know where to start to take control of your finances, this show is for you. Even if you have a good grip on what you spend, this show may offer you some special tips that you may not have thought of before.
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There is a lot going on in the world and many of you have been asking questions. We have a  PZ Radio SUPER SHOW with Sean Osborne, Wilfred Hahn and special commentary by Jimmy DeYoung.

This PZ Radio show is a HUGE 103 minutes long, that is an hour and forty three minutes of jammed packed information.

SEAN OSBORNE  Sean is the Sr. Military Analyst of North East Intelligence Network and we talk about what is going on in the middle east, terrorism in the US, Dirty Bombs and Suitcase Nukes. We also cover what is going on in Russia and China along with their military training together.

WILFRED HAHN  Wilfred is a global economist/strategist.  Formerly a top-ranked global analyst and chairman of the country’s largest global investment operation his writings focus on the endtime roles of money, economics and globalization. We cover the Mortgage meltdown, sub-prime loan woes, feds propping up the dollar and the US vulnerability and weakness. France turns away US stock funds, Iran & Venezuela now endorse the EURO over the dollar to purchase oil. We talk about what you can do if you have not done so to prepare/

JIMMY DEYOUNG  Jimmy discusses and provides great commentary regarding the current situation going on with China and Russia conducting war games together and reflects upon Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelations “Kings of the East.

BARBARA HENDERSON brings us up to date with events world wide with PZ Newsbytes and her great practical commentary in light of scripture.

This is a jammed packed show and remember… You’re Listening To PZ Radio!
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Bush Gives Saudi Arabia $20 Billion for Weapons

Ray & Tracye talk about the Bush administration giving Saudi Arabia 20 Billion for weapons. Folks, group-think and political correctness is out the window in this PZ Radio show. Hear Bush in his own words say that Christians, Non Christians and Muslims will all go to heaven. Bush also states that God and Allah are one in the same. We have Barbara Henderson with PZ News Bytes, this and much more... Remember, You're Listening To PZ Radio.
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SPECIAL REPORT - The Middle East - A View From The Wall.

Ray Gano discusses current events in light of bible prophecy focusing on Isaiah 17.
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This is a short promo for Jack Kinsella's new book, The Last Generation.
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PZ / OL Great Texas Get Together – Ray Talks Hell

This is a short three minute video from this last weekend’s big PZ / OL get together here at the ranch. There was a small group and Ray along with PZ Insider Arnie were talking about Matthew 7:20 – 23, the world’s social gospel verses the saving grace of the Blood of the Lamb.

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