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Seeker Sensitive Poison Runs Amuck for Christmas

You would not believe the news coming out today. Well it is the holidays and as expected we have the typical holiday “brew ha ha? but to add fuel to the fire we have Missionaries singing “Imagine?, the most atheistic song one could choose, pastors preaching from the bed, and flying weirdoes on the trapeze all in the name of sharing the gospel.  Yep, your typical holiday season. Ray is on his “A? game here.


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The Litvinenko Assassination & Joseph Farah of WND

I have been keeping an eye on the Litvinenko assassination, the Russian spy who died due to nuclear poisoning from a bad piece of sushi. We talk about what is going on at Prophezine as well as hear from Joseph Farah, Sr. Editor of World Net Daily.


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The Prophezine Report

Welcome to the new Podcast from Prophezine called The Prophezine Report. If you are looking for PZ Radio, we have moved it behind the subscription wall for our PZ Insiders. To learn more about becoming a PZ Insider and get PZ Radio, check out the following URL


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PZ Radio LIVE from the Gano Ranch with Jack Kinsella

This is a live recording of PZ Radio with Jack Kinsella of The Omega Letter from our PZ OL Texas Get Together. We recorded this on a beautiful day while all of us were sitting outside under the trees, slight breeze and an occasional dog bark in the background. We took questions not only from the audience, but from PZ Insiders who emailed questions to us. This is a 90 minute JAM PACKED show with great information and great Q&A from Ray Gano and Jack Kinsella. We have Barbara Henderson with outstanding PZ Newsbytes wrapping things up… And remember, You’re Listening To PZ Radio!!

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Crazy People Got Nukes, Now What?

We are living in crazy times. We have crazy people with live nukes. What can you do? In this PZ Radio Show, Ray Gano, Executive Director of Prophezine discusses on how you and your family can prepare for emergencies. Do you know how to store extra water? Do you know the best place to purchase gold and silver? Keep your family safe and start this Seven Point Preparedness Program with your family TODAY. Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs writes in with his input. Barbara Henderson with outstanding PZ Newsbytes… And remember, You’re Listening To PZ Radio!!

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