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VIDEO - Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy 02-23-08

Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy 02-23-08

This is a Special Weekend Report of Prophezine's This Week in Bible Prophecy

The leader of the Italian Democratic Party, Walter Veltroni, proposed the creation of an " Organization of Religious Nations" to be based in Rome and said the idea is "liked" by both UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-Moon as well as Pope Benedict XVI.

Iran is launching the Iranian Oil Bourse on Feb. 27. There are talks going on that possibly the Russian Ruble could be used in the oil trade deals as well.

Emerging Church Pastor issues sex a 30 day SEX challenge.

Syria and Iran anticipating serious military clash with Israel

This and more on Prophezine's This Week In Bible Prophecy Feb 23th 2008



Iranian Oil bourse

Rubble to be taken at IOB

Religion Organization of Nations

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