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Outstanding interview with Gary Kah of Hope for the World

Executive Director Ray Gano interviews Gary Kah of Hope for the World. This was an OUTSTANDING interview. Ray and Gary discuss, the NAU, the new currency, up coming elections, The Middle East, major insight into global events and more. It is easier to take 10 regions vs 200+ countries into a global government. Gary Kah is the foremost researcher regarding groups that are moving the world into a full One World Global Government. We have Barbara Henderson with PZ Newsbytes and special guest Jimmy DeYoung giving their insights into recent news. Ray discusses the Annapolis meeting taking place here soon as well as Olmert giving the thumbs up for the PA to receive 50 Russian tanks, as well as Olmert releasing 400+ PA prisoners. Sound like Olmert has provided the PA a fully manned tank division, all this and more. Remember, You're Listening To PZ Radio!
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