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Just released, the Muslim world is trying to move from GMT or Greenwich Mean Time to MMT, Mecca Mean Time. The Bin-Ladin family is building a huge clock tower in Mecca. Do you know scripture addresses this?
Also Ray answers the following email.
Dear Ray, I have a question. When you send this info on survival for Christians...when are we going to need this? Is this before the Rapture? If we are to be Raptured then wont we be gone before all of this starts. I am a little confused. Please help.
Have you asked the same question?
We have Barbara Henderson talking about Global Climate Change.
We also have returning special guest, Manny Adame from California. Manny is a PZ Insider and he sent me two great sermons he gave from the pulpit. First one was titled "The Fourth Kingdom" and his second which we are airing today on PZ Radio is titled "The Harlot." 
Folks, this is preaching and teaching at its best. Not many churches preach on bible prophecy and I really enjoyed Pastor Manny's teaching. So much so that I am sharing it here with you now.

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