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For the past 30 years Christians in America have been warned over and over again about coming persecution.

Over the years Christians have been perceived as a “problem” to society in one form or another.

As years crept by Christians in America are being identified, as a “hate” group and becoming vilified with words like “intolerant”, “Hatemonger”, “Racist” “Unloving” and the list goes on and on.

Because many Christians have accepted a “feminized” form of Christianity, turn the other cheek, pacifist, all loving, ect, Christians have lost the “high ground” and instead of being leaders in the moral and culture war, we as a group have been made to look exceedingly bad.

It is now the norm to marginalize Christians as a whole and the average Christian’s rights are increasingly disregarded and the complaints of their ill-treatment are ignored.

Because we have accepted this marginalization, laws which favor the leftist, humanists, socialist, communist, statist mentalities we were supposed to be a light against, have now used laws to restrict and oppress Christians.

Today we are a hairs width away for full and open state approved persecution. Already we are seeing various penalties such for businesses not wishing to partake in gay weddings or accept the gay agenda.

Christians are being fired from jobs, fines levied, lawsuits brought against, imprisonment, and yes confiscation of property.

All this is taking place today, right now in the good ol’ US of A.



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