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It was a meeting that only the Lord could have arranged. Twelve men from across the US, from Utah to Wisconsin to South Carolina to Texas to Florida, and points in between. Except for a handful who knew one or two others, most had never met the others who were present. What did these Christians have in common? Each had labored for years in America as Watchmen (Ezekiel 33:7), calling out to their fellow countrymen, urging II Chronicles 7:14 spiritual repentance and healing of our land. The Watchman who called the meeting, arranged on just three weeks’ notice for some and as little as three days for others, felt led of the Lord to call his brethren together. Though common in their call to be Watchmen, they had no organization, nor membership, nor even a name for the assembled group. Just twelve humble (referred to by an attendee as ‘God’s B Team’) servants of the Lord, seeking together to discern:

A.) why were we called to be there,

B.) what was God doing in America today and

c.) what does the future hold for America? A fairly heavy agenda for twelve men who a month ago had no idea that such a meeting would occur.

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