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PZ Radio deals with Bible Prophecy, World Events and Living The Right Life in The Last Days. Interviews, Special Guests, Commentary and our own opinions is what you get here at PZ Radio. So sit back, kick your feet up and remember "You're Listening To PZ RADIO - Radio For The Remnant."

This is a Special PZ Radio Show - I have Barbara Henderson who lives in the North West US. Then we have Andrew Drapper of Bible-matters.com out of England and then myself down here in Costa Rica. This was a GREAT show and some great information that we all shared.

HEY... Janet Napolitano just up and quit the job AND there is a rumor that the current admin is wanting to change the 22 amendment. Yes... very interesting things going on.

I also ask people, Are We  "The Final Generation???"  We serve a God of logic and reasoning. To confirm that all we need to do is look at His creation. If we serve a God of logic and reason, then why do so many of us believe in things that almost equate to being a fairytale and worse, given no critical thought at all?

This and more in this show... REMEMBER -- You're Listening To PZ Radio - Radio For The Remnant!

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