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In light of all the news that I have been sending out, I want to conduct a series of lectures in Prophezine Pal Talk Room for the next several Friday nights.

In this installment I will be talking about the equipment you can use to to get your food pantry started and how to maintain it in the long run.

I will be sharing websites and resources as well as buying tips so that you can get your pantry in order quickly.


15 liter Fermenting Pot   http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Fermenting-Crock

Excalibur2900 9 tray dehydrator http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Excalibur-2900

Sun Oven GANO Coupon $319 vs $399 - http://www.sunoven.com/gano

Foodsaver vacuum Sealer  http://tinyurl.com/PZ-FoodSaver-Vacuum-Seal

Blendtec Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill  http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Blentech-Grainmill

Nutrimill Grain Mill http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Nutrimill-Grain-Mill

All American 921 Pressure Cooker / Canner http://tinyurl.com/PZ-All-American-921

The Harvester 72” Shelf http://tinyurl.com/PZ-Shelf-Reliance-Harvest-72

260 Gallon Water Storage Tank http://tinyurl.com/PZ-260-gallon-tank

525 Gallon Water Storage Tank http://tinyurl.com/PZ-525-Gallon-Water-Tan

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