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In today's world we are living in a nation that is slipping into depravity, and in fact I believe it is there already. Why is this? Because we as men of God have neglected God, neglected our wives and neglected our family.
The core of this nation is built upon one major foundation. That foundation is the God fearing and loving, biblical based family.
This sermon by Paul Washer is very hard hitting and it convicted me to the short comings we as the men of God have done, or lack of what we should have done.
Do we want to save this nation? We need to start in the family home. We as men have been disobedient to God's Word. We need to repent and seek His face again. 
We want to see this nation healed? It isnt going to come from the politicians we elect or the laws make. Change in this nation is going to come from men of God getting right with the Lord and leading our families.
I highly encourage everyone, both men and women to download this sermon. This message is not only needed to be heard by the men of God, but also for the wives' living in the Christians home today.


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