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PZ Radio deals with Bible Prophecy, World Events and Living The Right Life in The Last Days. Interviews, Special Guests, Commentary and our own opinions is what you get here at PZ Radio. So sit back, kick your feet up and remember "You're Listening To PZ RADIO - Radio For The Remnant."

Earlier this year I produced a bible study titled "The Keys To Spiritual Survival" This was a 7 part study that I have now placed on the Prophezine website. I have the supporting articles, worksheets as well as 60+ minute audios teachings going through each worksheet and that week's topic.

In these last days of the last days, I have come to the realization that today's christian does not have a grasp on The Armor of God. Because of this, when the spiritual battle arises, most people will be "battlefield fodder"  the casualties of war due to their own ignorance.

Please go to the Prophezine website and you can download the worksheets as well as the articles that coincide with this study on The Armor of God.



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